Are there any questions that astrology cannot answer?Arrow Icon
Not every interpretation contains the answer to every single question that you may have, because it’s not always possible to speak confidently about a particular topic in a given horoscope. Although we can point out options of how events can develop and offer different ways of handling difficult situations, the person needs to make decisions and choose their actions independently. We can predict making someone’s acquaintance or the beginning of a romantic relationship and describe a suitable partner, but we cannot say when true love will come. We can describe the personality, characteristics, mindset, and talents of your children. We describe the inner world of the child and their needs, as well as what profession, daily routine, sports, hobbies, and food, suit them best, but we cannot tell if the child will be happy. There are many similar questions that no one can ever answer.
Can Feng Shui save a failing marriage or prevent a business from going under?Arrow Icon
Yes and no. If the forms and stars represent complete chaos and misfortune, then it doesn't matter what you do to correct the situation. These efforts will be futile. Some places are simply beyond saving. Therefore, the only solution in such cases is to move to a more suitable location. If you can change your immediate environment so that it becomes harmonious, filled with energy and love, then you can expect favorable results.
Does Feng Shui require major rearrangements in my home or office?Arrow Icon
Not at all! A competent Feng Shui specialist will always be able to find the most budgetary way to repel the poisonous arrows of Sha Qi (the corners of houses aimed at a building) and to activate good Feng Shui. The fact of the matter is that in this practice, there are a lot of dimensions to consider, which is why it is often simply impossible to understand and foresee everything at once. The process heavily relies on common sense. Even a subtle change in the direction of your sleeping or resting location can redirect the wind of luck. There is no need to make huge changes to utilize the benefits of Feng Shui. Energy lines are quite elusive. Think of it like a TV signal: often a slight change in the orientation of an antenna is enough to completely ruin or drastically improve the picture quality. A similar principle applies to Feng Shui.
How clear will your forecast be to an ordinary person?Arrow Icon
Our forecasts are written in the most easily accessible language and aren’t loaded with useless and incomprehensible terms.
Can Feng Shui be practiced without using the Luopan compass?Arrow Icon
Yes and no. While using a Luopan, or geomantic is excellent, a different, but accurate compass can also help. However, you cannot practice Feng Shui without a tool that can measure the back and front of the house.
Can Feng Shui bring me wealth?Arrow Icon
Feng Shui can help you create a harmonious environment that positively affects your health, mental clarity, and alertness. In such an environment, you will have the energy and wisdom to handle a wide variety of challenges, including increasing your cash flow.Good Feng Shui will not bring you wealth if you’re not seeking it, but it can give you the motivation you need to achieve fame and fortune.
How dangerous is numerology or astrology?Arrow Icon
There is no danger to speak of. On the contrary, numerological and astrological calculations provide knowledge that helps influence a person’s fate and reveal their true potential.
Can Numerology calculate my future time of death?Arrow Icon
Although a numerologist makes the calculations, not numerology itself, such a prediction is nigh impossible. However, it is possible to calculate a critical point in life when the risk of such an event is particularly high. Numerology calculates the scenario of a person’s life, but external energy forces can change the conditions of this scenario at any time. When this happens, only God knows what will happen next.
How does Feng Shui work?Arrow Icon
Feng Shui advocates living in harmony with the Earth's environment and its energy lines so that everything that is created is in balance with the forces of nature. Feng Shui claims that the atmosphere is permeated with invisible, yet powerful, lines of energy, some of which are beneficial while others are harmful. These energies can bring discord or harmony, health or sickness, prosperity, or loss. The practice of Feng Shui is associated with the wise use and accumulation of beneficial energy lines, which the Chinese refer to as “taming the cosmic breath of the Dragon.”
How does one distinguish a competent specialist?Arrow Icon
A competent specialist doesn’t try to scare you with dire predictions but instead gives you ways to solve life's problems. If you come across someone who talks about death at a specific time, then you’ve met a charlatan – run! With astrology, numerology, or any other discipline, it is impossible to calculate the time of death. You can, however, recognize periods when the risks are high and when there will be dangerous obstacles on the way. Moreover, there may be several such periods, but how they play out and what will happen after they’re over depends entirely on you. Generally, most people learn about competent specialists through word of mouth. More often than not, such specialists are not publicly known because they don’t have enough time to devote to publicity due to their large client flow. In addition to being busy with clients, they are constantly learning and expanding their knowledge base. For consultants from God, the end result and the opportunity to help are the most important part of their work; to convey valuable information to the person. But if you got to a charlatan on your hands, you can be certain that it’s not his fault, as your karma has led you straight to him! Either you’re not yet supposed to find out the keys to your destiny and the solutions to your problems or your Soul hasn’t yet learned all the necessary lessons. Many people experience difficult periods of their lives before seeking the guidance of an astrologer or numerologist. When despair sets in, fate provides a meeting with a specialist! This is the great merit of Guardian Angels!
How does your algorithm account for the fact that there is a large number of various schools of numerology?Arrow Icon
Different schools of numerology are combined in our algorithm so as to complement each other with information on various issues and reveal all the details of a particular area of a person's life or an aspect of his or her personality. The algorithm includes many mathematically precise formulas that are utilized by our calculator when performing numerological calculations. After entering the data and processing it, the program generates a complete report for the user, written in a structured and easily understandable manner.
How do I know if my home doesn’t have good Feng Shui?Arrow Icon
You can find out the hard way if the Feng Shui in your home isn’t great if you run into a series of setbacks and misfortunes soon after you move to a new residence. For example, if all your family members keep getting sick one after the other, you suddenly lose your job, get involved in an accident, or run into other troubles for no apparent reason.However, you should also keep in mind that sometimes you can be frequented by failures as a result of an unfavorable period in your individualized astrological chart. However, if all the people that live in the same house as you keep running into trouble, then it would make sense to verify if there is any negative impact of the Feng Shui in your home. Typically, such changes often occur during the changing periods of Feng Shui, for example, with the onset of the Lunar New Year.
How do I make sure I am in good health?Arrow Icon
Numerology can be used to calculate your inherent health potential at birth. Everything that can be acquired is subject to mathematical calculation. The use of elements, color, graphs, cycles, and other data is the exploitation of energy. While some mechanisms can give you energy, you need to make sure that others do not take it away. Often people themselves are the underlying cause of their own poor health: no matter how much is given to them, it will never be enough. Let's imagine that with the help of the Metal element that is in a person’s horoscope, the flow of energy was increased by a thousand units. That person, feeling healthy and strong, goes to work in Italy in the marble mines, where they would lose two thousand units of energy. Thus, the lack of vitality can only increase in this scenario. Conclusion: how to achieve good health can be calculated and thus, can be attained. The only problem is that it must not be lost once gained. To accomplish this, quite a few nuances must be taken into account.
How do planets relate to numerology?Arrow Icon
There is a clear connection between them because the planets are beacons of energy flows. The birth chart indicates the position of these beacons at a given time.
How important are the numbers to a person’s fate?Arrow Icon
Numbers accompany our lives from birth, as we receive identification numbers even from the government: passport, identity card, tax number, etc. They have a numeric code that has a huge impact on our destiny. For example, there are unlucky license plate numbers, such as 042 or 024, which indicate an imminent death, and can provoke frequent accidents. It's the same with names. It is not uncommon for a sick person to be healed after changing their name.
How many "numerologies" are there? Which one is the best?Arrow Icon
There are many varying schools of numerology. A short summary of them can be found here. They all use different systems to make different calculations. Our algorithm combines the systems of all numerological schools into a unified resource.
How to calculate the name of a child?Arrow Icon
It is preferable that the mother gives the child a name. It is also necessary to choose several options, for example, by looking at the Christian Orthodox calendar or one that corresponds to your faith. Consider the family lineage as well. After that, you can order an assessment on our website, and select the one that will be the most successful out of the ones you have chosen.
If something isn’t clear to me in your algorithm’s results, who can I contact?Arrow Icon
You can always contact our specialists, ask a question, and receive a clear answer. You can also order a specialized consultation.
I have read the horoscope for my zodiac sign. The information doesn’t relate to me at all! So, astrology doesn't work?Arrow Icon
If the question is put in this way, then the answer is: “Yes, astrology works. It is an effective tool that we tested through our own experience and the experience of others." BUT! Mainstream astrology only takes into account the position of the Sun in a person's horoscope. If we say that a person is Aries or Taurus, this means that the Sun was in the constellation of Aries or Taurus at the time of birth. However, besides the Sun, there are nine more planets and a huge number of other factors that come into play. Without taking these factors into account, it is impossible to create a personalized horoscope. The position of the Sun is, of course, very important, but this is only part of the necessary information, and it is usually taken out of context. In today’s world, almost everyone has heard about typical and atypical representatives of the zodiac signs. Typical representatives are those people who recognize themselves in popular horoscopes and predictions. Atypical, respectively are those who do not agree with the mainstream interpretations as they relate to themselves. Typical representatives of the zodiac signs have a solar sign in their horoscope. For example, if a person is a typical Cancer, then in addition to the Sun, they have several other heavenly bodies in the constellation of Cancer as well. Thus, the qualities of Cancer are manifested quite strongly. These traits can be observed by others and recognized by the person. Inversely, if no planets are in the zodiac sign, and it is just the Sun, the qualities of this sign may not be so obviously reflected in the person’s personality. In this case, they will not be able to recognize themselves in popular horoscopes and will not see congruities in the forecasts.
I'm thinking of buying a car. How do I calculate the right time to do this?Arrow Icon
This can be with the help of our algorithm, which calculates the most favorable dates to make large purchases, such as an apartment or a car, and can be done within a few seconds. If you subscribe to our personalized horoscope, you can receive a list of all important dates every week. These dates aren’t only limited to purchases and can be used to establish other favorable solutions. Moreover, you can choose the calculation period yourself.
Is Feng Shui always effective?Arrow Icon
Yes. If used correctly, Feng Shui will always have a positive effect on the conditions of your life and work. However, Feng Shui should not be regarded as a magic panacea that solves all problems. Don't forget that Feng Shui is just one aspect of the triune of Luck. If you are not destined to become a great businessman, Feng Shui will help you attain some wealth, but it will not make you fabulously rich. The bigger picture depends on your Heavenly Luck. If you have good Feng Shui in your home, you will find yourself becoming increasingly busy. Every now and then you will encounter great opportunities to improve your standard of living or income. You must create your own Human Luck by utilizing these opportunities.
Is Feng Shui a religion?Arrow Icon
No. Feng Shui has no religious basis. Some "Feng Shui masters" claim to have gained their knowledge from Buddhist monks. However, such statements are likely untrue as real Buddhists are prohibited from practicing Feng Shui or any other kind of fortune-telling.
Is it possible to change my horoscope or is everything predetermined?Arrow Icon
In theory, we all have complete free will. However, we make decisions only under certain circumstances, as well as based on our physical, psychological, and cultural limitations. For example, everyone has the opportunity to make the choice to move to another country. However, not everyone can actually do this, and not everyone will even consider doing it. A horoscope is just a symbolic interpretation of the structures that make up a personality, psyche, and human life, which is data that we receive initially and can change afterward. We are constantly developing and reaching new heights. Predictive astrology doesn’t try to foretell specific events but instead seeks to show the type of energy and area of experience with which a person will interact in a given period. Its goal is to integrate this energy into the horoscope and framework of life. If an astrological forecast promises a difficult period in your love life, then it will be difficult. But for some, this will be manifested as a divorce and prolonged depression, while for others, as the strengthening of family ties and reaching a new level in the relationship. Forecasts are amenable to change, but this change will still be within the framework of the existing system. This is what freedom of choice means. The goal of an astrological forecast and horoscope is to help a person most effectively move through any period of life, and to control the qualities of their personality, whether these qualities are "bad" or "good". Without freedom of choice and conscious action, even the most positive forecast can turn into stagnation and apathy. Conversely, the worst forecast can be turned in your favor, thanks to freedom of choice and your will to do something about it. There is a lot of space for creativity and self-expression.
Is numerology a science?Arrow Icon
Yes, it is the science of numbers. Numerology gained worldwide popularity relatively recently, near the end of the 20th century. Although its roots go back to the distant past, the public's attention only returned to numerology when people began to notice an ever-growing volume of numerical coincidences. At the same time, it was established that some events in life heavily depend on numbers and numerologists reemerged. Since time immemorial, numbers and their combinations have echoed with literal meanings. Ancient philosophers and mathematicians understood each other perfectly. Mathematicians of days old, such as Aristotle or Pythagoras, were engaged not only in digital calculations but also in philosophical meditation. The first mentions of numerology appeared in the 5th century BCE. The founder is considered to be Pythagoras, who everyone has heard of in grade school. It was Pythagoras who became the first to combine mathematical knowledge of ancient peoples (Phoenicians, Egyptians, Arabs, Druids, etc.) with the true essence of people’s personalities and subconsciousness. Before him, only enlightened priests were privy to the knowledge of numerology, as mathematics was considered almost a miraculous gift from the Gods, since learning to write and count were difficult endeavors.
Is Numerology worth believing?Arrow Icon
As a science with an ancient history – of course! It all depends on your choice of the source.
Is Tarot a part of your algorithm?Arrow Icon
Yes, Tarot cards and their meaning formed the basis for the interpretations in some of our algorithms. The centuries-old Tarot wisdom provides the most accurate descriptions regarding the types of people, as well as the essence of all things and events. The basis of our numerological analysis is formed from the characteristics of Taronumerology, which is built on the twenty-two Major Arcana. With the help of our experienced consultants, we interpreted their readings and were able to derive a more accurate system of descriptions that are easily understandable for anyone, even someone that isn’t familiar with esoteric principles.
Is there a career sector in a house? Some say that this is the northern sector of the house, while others believe that the sector nearest the entrance to the house is responsible for career success.Arrow Icon
The whole building must be taken into account, not just a single section of it. If the stars responsible for wisdom and decisiveness are utilized correctly, success will surely follow in both a student’s learning prowess and an adult’s career. The north promotes wisdom, but there are other aspects to it. The entrance to a home is of immense importance and is responsible for more than just career achievements.
My forecast predicted wealth, but there isn’t. Why not?Arrow Icon
Every forecast calculation relates to probability and timing. For example, if we calculate everything for an entire lifetime, then we get the most likely scenario for a specific person on Earth. But if there is an energetic opening or an intervention by the Higher Forces, then the scenario will follow a new path at a certain point. Consequently, the calculation will then need to be adjusted. More often than not, people born in October with an excellent birth chart and people who aren’t too lazy to ignore the "signs", can count on receiving inherent wealth. But for other signs, it is also possible to find oneself “in the right place, at the right time”, but the scenario of how exactly this will happen is unknown. The scenario’s designer can be both God and the Devil, which is why it is impossible to say whether this sudden wealth is a good thing or not. Temptations and trials will establish whether the long-awaited wealth has come into your life permanently or if it is just a fleeting phase.
My horoscope is terrible. How do I live with this knowledge?Arrow Icon
Sometimes, a forecast for the future can shock the listener and raise similar questions. Generally, this happens after a meeting with a fatalist astrologer or by independently studying your horoscope in newspaper articles, the internet, or other sources. If the interpretation is personalized, the result can be a completely terrifying cocktail of stress and a lack of understanding of what to do with the received information. In our opinion, there is no such thing as a bad horoscope or forecast. Any situation can be used to your advantage. However, we don’t try to make anyone put on rose-colored glasses by telling them that their future will be filled only with happiness and wealth. If there is a problem, then it must be resolved in due time. Astrology helps you deal with challenges as efficiently as possible. The primary task of an astrologer is to help the client expand their capabilities and to understand the meaning of the processes that govern life. The astrologer, together with the client contemplates the "terrible" horoscope and forecasts to find answers to questions such as "Why and for what purpose is this happening to me?", "What life experience can I acquire from this situation?", "How can I solve my problems?", "What benefits and opportunities open up as a result?"
My houseplants wither and die. Is this because of bad Feng Shui?Arrow Icon
Yes. If you place indoor plants in places where there are sunlight, fresh air, an absence of harmful energy (Sha Qi), a suitable humidity level, and a comfortable temperature, then they will have no reason for poor plant growth. Remember: what is bad for plants is also bad for you! Consequently, you need to find the cause and fix it in order to "cure" your home.
Numerology or Psychology?Arrow Icon
Numerology and psychology are closely related. In psychoanalysis, numerology can help uncover hidden phobias and perceived psychological disorders. Numerology can even solve problems that are beyond the power of psychology because many root causes lie in our past incarnations.
Numerology: truth or nonsense?Arrow Icon
Mathematical formulas: truth or nonsense? Each substance has unique proportions of components, an ideal house can only be built through correct algebraic and geometric calculations and well-executed projects. Numbers surround us everywhere and bring order to our lives, even if we don’t realize it.
The algorithms – how are they unique?Arrow Icon
What makes our algorithm unique is the fact that it requires a minimum of personal information about a person: date, time, and place of birth, and their full name. The calculator we have developed takes into account all aspects of data analysis using numerological and astrological methodologies, based on which it provides the user with a detailed report that is written in a simple and easy to understand manner. The algorithm can replace an expensive consultation with a specialist in astrology or numerology. Our online platform allows people who previously could not afford such services to gain valuable knowledge.
What if I cannot afford to make the necessary changes to improve the Feng Shui?Arrow Icon
For situations that require radical changes in room furnishings or structures, you can use purely formulaic Feng Shui methods, unless there is a mountain in your front yard. In such cases, there is nothing left to do but completely reorient the house. Keep in mind, however, that simply rearranging work chairs and sleeping places in the appropriate directions can lead to some amazing benefits.
What is BaZi?Arrow Icon
Bazi is the ancient Chinese science for reading a person’s fate, based on the interaction of birth chart constituents as represented by the five elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, as well as the female principle of Yin and the male principle of Yang.At the heart of the birth chart’s construction stand the Four Pillars of Fate (the other name for this system) which are influenced by the exact birth date (year, month, day, and hour,) which determine the configuration of energies at the moment of birth. The chart reveals a person’s strengths and weaknesses, helps them understand their capabilities and limits, as well as their potential for success. One of the key differences between BaZi and Western Astrology lies, at the very least, in the fact that there are five primary elements in the former, and four in the latter. Using these elements and the Yin-Yang principles, Eastern Astrology (BaZi) can describe absolutely everything in the Universe. The BaZi calculator also determines the universal codes that are used in all sections of Chinese metaphysics.
What is Feng Shui?Arrow Icon
Feng Shui literally translates to Wind and Water and is the Taoist practice of symbolic space exploration. It is the East Asian version of geomancy. With the help of Feng Shui, you can establish the best place to build a house or select a good burial place, correctly arrange furniture and choose an interior design option that maximizes the success in a person's life. Also, certain events can be predicted using Feng Shui. The purpose of Feng Shui is to search for optimal Qi energy flows and utilize them for the benefit of a person and to achieve a balance of energy.
What is Heavenly Luck, Earthly Luck, and Human Luck?Arrow Icon
In modern terms, it is simply Time, Space, and Events. At certain times, certain events occur in the Universe which affects every person. On a large scale, this can be the birth and destruction of stars, while on smaller scales a given value of the time variable will affect a certain functional value in the equation of people’s luck. This is what is referred to as Heavenly Luck. Different places in the universe are influenced by different conditions. On a small scale, this means that opportunities vary widely in different parts of the world. If we scale down to the individual level, it means that a person's geolocation determines quite a lot in his or her life. This is called Earthly Luck. Feng Shui also affects people's well-being. What a person does leads to this or that result. The decision that is made at the crossroad determines the outcome. This is Human Luck. Heavenly Luck is beyond our control. We simply have to come to terms with this fact. Some people are born lucky, while others must work hard to achieve success and recognition. Earthly Luck and Human Luck, on the other hand, we can control. If a person works hard and performs noble deeds, then their achievements can be exceptional with the help of Feng Shui, even if there is little Heavenly Luck on their side.
What is numerology?Arrow Icon
Numerology is the ancient esoteric science of numbers, which explains a system of knowledge about their relationship with physical objects, processes, and human life. The calendar calculates time by day, month, and year. At the same time, everything in nature is measured by certain quantities and proportions that are expressed with the help of numbers. We use numbers to orient ourselves in space (latitude, longitude) and time (minutes, seconds, hours). Art and other disciplines also adhere to numeric principles.Numerology accompanies us everywhere in life. There is not a single aspect of life where numbers don’t appear directly or indirectly. The fate of a person is also connected to them, from the date of his or her birth to the time of death. This is why philosophers and astrologers have used numerology in their forecasts since ancient times, and use them to calculate fate.
What is retrograde?Arrow Icon
Initially, this concept was applied in astronomy in relation to a planet’s movement in the sky. Retrograde motion is a movement in a direction that is opposite to the direction of advancing movement. This term can refer to the direction of rotation of one body around another in its orbit or the rotation of a body around its own axis, as well as to other orbital parameters. In simpler terms, this is a return to the initial starting point. That is, the need to retrace a path that has already been covered. Retrograde in Samsara is a return to the previous stage, where it is necessary to correct the mistakes of a past incarnation and gain important experience. For example, at school, a student who has failed to keep up with the lesson program will stay for a second year. The student will need to retake all the tests, but he already knows what the lessons are in the program, which means it will be easier for him to study.
What is the Code of Samsara?Arrow Icon
Samsara is one of the key concepts in primarily Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The term refers to the process of constant rebirth of the soul, which brings suffering to it. The word "Samsara" was first mentioned in Sanskrit – the ancient literary Indian language – and is directly translated as "cycle", "wandering", or "roaming" and refers to the cycle of birth and death, also known as reincarnation. Samsara follows certain patterns of rebirth. There are 52 Samsara Codes in total, that is, the human Soul lives 52 lives on Earth and reincarnates in different bodies. But there is also a 53rd Code, or Code 0, and those who want to gain more mental energy and experience land on this Code, so that their Soul can rise to a higher level. At each Code of Samsara, a person's Soul accomplishes its inherent karmic tasks, receives a unique experience that accumulates in their mental field, and is then transferred to the next incarnation. This is comparable to going to school, only the responsibility is much greater.
What is the difference between Eastern Astrology and Western Astrology?Arrow Icon
There are two fundamental systems in astrology: Western (European) and Eastern (Chinese). Despite several overlaps, there are colossal differences between them in terms of their outlooks and philosophical basis. These systems also use completely different methods to interpret the contained knowledge. Western Astrology uses more contemporary knowledge and is combined into a single system from scraps of European and Middle Eastern cultures. In contrast to philosophical Indian Astrology, it more often uses mathematical and astronomical methods as well as psychoanalysis. The zodiac signs of Western Astrology are the names of real constellations that are visible in the night sky. Meanwhile, Eastern Astrology (BaZi) is a much older and more complex system, which is rooted in ancient China and Tibet. This once-secret knowledge was passed down from generation to generation, from teacher to student, for thousands of years, and is closely related to the scriptures of China, Tibet, Eastern mythology, and philosophy. Throughout the process of cognizing the surrounding world, considerable attention is paid to metaphysics, the five elements and their interactions with one another. In Chinese Astrology, the year of birth is calculated in conjunction with the month, day, and hour of birth. The Chinese call this data the Four Pillars of Human Destiny. The names of Chinese animals that are used to represent abstract mathematical concepts are just shortcuts that make it easier to understand for the uninitiated. Long before contact with Western stargazers was established, Chinese astronomy developed its own methods of observing the heavens. The seven main stars of the Big Dipper, the shoulders, belt, and sword of Orion have been familiar to observers both in the West and in the East since time immemorial. The rest of the starry sky is primarily clusters of dimmer stars that astounded ancient observers. Therefore, they decided to group them into recognizable constellations, guided solely by their ingenuity. Ancient Chinese astronomers saw other images that were associated with urban life: markets, houses, palaces, and courtyards. There are other significant differences with Western interpretations as well. Since the heavenly bodies of the solar system are in constant motion, the picture of the starry sky changes during each night, which is why astrologers need a point of reference so that they can predict where the stars will be on a particular day and hour. But, unlike stars, the Moon and planets slowly move along the ecliptic plane, which is the plane of the Earth's revolution around the Sun. Western astrologers use this plane as a basis and divide it into twelve parts, which make up the zodiac signs. Chinese astrologers use a completely different system. The sky is divided into segments, like orange slices, from the North Star to the equator, and each segment (the House of the Moon) bears the name of the most prominent constellation, for example, Orion, Pleiades, Pegasus Square, etc. These houses of the moon serve as the basis of Chinese astrology.
What is the influence of the hieroglyphs in BaZi? How do they work?Arrow Icon
The hieroglyphs in BaZi symbolize the five elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. There are also the Heavenly Stems - the four upper hieroglyphs that affect a person's heavenly luck, which consists of the help of God, the favor of Fate, and the protection of the Higher Forces from various predicaments. Last but not least, are the Earthly Branches, which are represented by the four lower hieroglyphs, which affect a person's Earthly Luck in their love life, career, money, and health. All of these elements interact with each other, just as in physics: Wood burns in Fire; Fire creates ash – Earth; The Earth provides ore, stones, and minerals – Metal; rivers and streams make their way through rocks and mountains – Water; and Water, in turn, feeds the forests – Wood. In the lives of humans, everything is subject to the interaction of these five elements. There may be many instances of an element in a person's birth chart, while others may be missing. The assessment is made with the help of a calculator by using the date, time, and place of birth. Thus, certain people are luckier, while others are less so. This luck is distributed per the karma of past lives. For example, a Wood element person that is born during the Water period (November or December) will have support from early childhood, and his Earthly Luck will be more favorable than if he or she was born in the season of Fire (May or June).
What knowledge can I attain with the help of your algorithm?Arrow Icon
Our detailed reports will provide you with insightful information about your soul, destiny, and relationships with others. They will also suggest how to improve your life, get out of a karmic loop, and discover your talents. You will find out which areas of life you can easily succeed in and during which periods you need to be more careful by receiving an assessment of all the risks and opportunities that are available to you, as well as all the keys to managing your life.
What questions can be answered using numerology and BaZi?Arrow Icon
With the help of numerology and BaZi calculations, you can receive a forecast for the future, information about your past lives, and gain an understanding of your Soul. Using the individual data of your date of birth, you can get answers to all your questions regarding fate, relationships with others, family, love, and children, as well as your career, finances, health, and amount of luck in life.And these aren’t the only things that numbers can give answers to!
Who creates the forecasts?Arrow Icon
They are compiled using a unique algorithm that involves entering your date of birth and the forecast period into a calculator. The reports are based on several numerology disciplines, Taronumerology and BaZi. How this happens: a mathematically accurate calculator establishes, based on your date of birth, the corresponding numbers, and signs based on BaZi principles, which our algorithm interprets and translates into a text that is understandable and accessible to a common user. The principle is similar to text recognition or an automatic translator. This method allows the prediction of events with an accuracy of 95 to 100%.
Why are you asking questions about my life? You’re the astrologer, so you should already know everything about me.Arrow Icon
A massive volume of myths has accumulated around astrology. One of the most popular myths propagates the belief an astrologer is a mage or fortune-teller and can see the past, future, and present. The client of such a wizard doesn’t have to say a word, because the astrologer will say and understand everything as soon as he or she looks into the horoscope, right? In actuality, an astrologer needs to be aware of your past and present, as well as your plans for the future. When looking at a person's horoscope, he or she can never tell who it belongs to, even if it’s a world-famous celebrity. It can be said that the person will have a brilliant career and leadership positions, but this horoscope can apply to a civil servant, a judge, or a soldier. In order to give accurate information and predict something using it, you need to know how a person has realized or plans to realize, the potential that is inherent in their horoscope. Therefore, before the start of a consultation, the astrologer will often ask questions about their marriage, moving, their children, career, etc. If necessary, even unpleasant topics can be touched upon, such as illnesses, operations, accidents, deaths of loved ones, and the like. This information may be needed to establish the client's time of birth and assess the performance of the horoscope. The time of birth must be extremely accurate. The margin of error for astrology is just a few minutes. But even the hospital records can be mistaken by half an hour or more, so what can we say about an "exact time" that is established solely from the words of parents or other relatives? This is why the astrologer establishes the exact time of birth according to past events. Such a procedure in astrology is called rectification (from Latin Rectus – to right, or correct), and without this process, it is sometimes impossible to draft a working horoscope. However, not all types of horoscopes require rectification, which is why an astrologer only asks questions regarding your biography if it is necessary.
Why is Feng Shui so popular in the West?Arrow Icon
Feng Shui is just one of several amazing disciplines that explain the interaction between the body, mind, and the surrounding environment. The current popularity of Feng Shui in Western cultures reflects the expansion of knowledge about Chinese culture and philosophy. People are beginning to realize that there are alternative possibilities and various ways of interacting with the Universe. They are beginning to understand how energy works, moves and affects our well-being. People are starting to comprehend the perspective that Feng Shui can be considered an auxiliary tool, the development of which will help to understand the tools of influencing fate with the help of the surrounding environment. This is why Feng Shui uses symbolic language to interpret and shape energies in our immediate environment, as it opens up new horizons in understanding the spirituality of space.
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Our algorithms utilize the most accurate numerological and astrological techniques – knowledge that is over two thousand years old. This information has not only been tested not by time, but also by our practical experience, as well as the experience of our partners who are masters of numerology and astrology.